EPS Recycling
Grinding and Mixing unit
Grinding unit with knives, have double shaft , and each one is equipped with a three-phase motor. The sieves allow choosing the size of the grinded material. The grinder is supplied with a standard sieve with holes of 20mm and the fan that sends the material to the silo. The output capacity changes from 10 to 30 m3/h. The material can be mixed with raw material or mixed with concrete.



The mixing units are composed of two silos and two sector valves. The electronic adjustment of the rotation speed assures a precise mixing, according to the percentage required by the operator. A fan transports the material to the pre-loading silo of the block mould.



This unit dedust polystyrene granulates ground by the grinder. The ground material is conveyed by a powered bristle auger through a cutted cylinder with suction filter to separate it from the dust. In this way, the dedusted expanded polystyrene is  conveyed  into a silo by means of a fan while the dust is collected by a sleeve filter.


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