Cutting lines
Cutting lines

The DDL cutting lines are strong and precise and suitable to cut the EPS blocks into sheets. All the machine adjustments are digital and automatically recalled according to the recipe.


Main features:


  •  Block dimensions up to 8000x2000x2000 mm
  •  High cutting speed up to 4 m /min.
  •  Minimum sheets thickness 10 mm
  •  Height precision and quality or the cut surfaces
  •  Very low noise


Each cutting line is produced to satisfy the customer’s needs and can be equipped with several accessories:


  •  Automatic storage for the block loading
  •  Block centering system
  •  Oscillating wires up to 1200 freq/min
  •  Automatic wire positioning
  •  Automatic control  of the cutting speed
  •  Automatic scrap recovery, grinding and sending to the silo
  •  Destacking unit to make the packs ready for packing


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