Block Mould
Block Mould

The DDL vertical block moulds represent the best and easy to use machines that the market can offer today. They are based on a strong mechanical technology that guarantee the steam seal and they are equipped with the most modern electronic technologies. All this assures a very high quality of the material produced and low energy consumptions.

They are produced according to the security standards with certified materials and homologated welding systems according to the “European Directive 97/23/CE-P.E.D.”


With the automatic operation, the block sintering is realized as follows:

  •  Automatic preheating of the machine, if the machine is not at the working temperature.
  •  Automatic filling of pre-expanded material.
  •  Differential steaming phases with memorized working program, which is automatically recalled for every kind of material.
  •  Block stabilization with vacuum.
  •  Block ejection.
  •  The inside walls are made of plates with cutting slots that allow the best distribution of steam and it is extremely easy to clean them.


The wide range includes models with fixed  measures, or adjustable in height or depth or both of them. The contraction features assure high production and a low cost of maintenance.


The block moulds can be equipped with accessories such as:


  •  Water Vacuum system
  •  Dry Vacuum system
  •  Modular proportional throttle valve to control the steam
  •  Pre-loading Silos
  •  Mixing unit
  •  Density automatic control
  •  Ink jet printer
  •  Thermal adhesive label printer
  •  Unloading chains  
  •  Automatic storage for blocks 


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