More than
25 years
on the EPS
A Few Words About Us
A group of skilled people

DDL SRL started its operations in 2001 by serving both the Italian and export markets. The main activity of the Company was to design and to manufacture EPS machines. As time passed new technologies were added to the basic ones, like the automatic wires positioning, oscillating wires and double regulation block mould. In a short time DDL acquired the characteristics of being able to offer a very large production range of machines.Today the production range has improved with the introduction of  robots and paletizing system for EPS and XPS. The Company has got now an experienced technical department who is able to provide a continuous technical growth of products and to assure the study of individual requests of the customers.

Our Advantages
  • Great experience in the production of machines for EPS

  • Great experience in Industrial Automation.
  • Ability to follow the customer in the development of new applications.
  • Answers and solutions in a short time.
  • We are in an industrial district that enable us to have sophisticated machines for metalworking and plastics.
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